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Partnership Cont@ct
"B.... originale" one history of 112 years, founded on the true facts and the sign based in a real face.
• Bor chain has two components: Production and Sale.

• Manufacturing
The 23 of 25 our products
(and also somes packaging), are manufactured by ourselves, in each host country, in our regional production units, with easy access from highway. For example, in France, two production units are needed. A north-Paris region, and a second later expansion, in the South of France.
For safety reasons, the cost of production and unconditional control Manufacturing and Storage (then with the delivery in the sales area-SA) of all our products, and even made into a local.

• Commodities - Quality
The chain Bor is working with farmers and producers in the region of each country in the unconditional respect for our standards, without intermediaries, to ensure consistent quality and stable prices. Raw materials, 100% GMO-free, directly from ranchers and farmers in the region, only responders to ensure an exclusive production with regular high quality, and therefore, product stability over time (texture, taste, price, etc.).
Contract of quality, exclusivity and privacy, in our charter, mandatory with all our suppliers.

• Products - Competitiveness
B.... originale is based on 25 original products (excluding drinks).
Ten (10) products naturels based in...., each one of them has its own taste, five (5) salads, so some warm, three (3) cheese, and seven (7) desserts, one with 2,500 year of history ! Our strength is in our tasty products, currently non-existent in the global fast food. Unknown original recipes, classified as secret. Noble materials, tastes, names, shapes, materials, etc. everything is unique and ®. Our products, unsurpassed taste qualities, are 100% natural, no additives, no flavor enhancers, no colorings, no preservatives, with the authentic taste of yesteryear.
For the
"authentic taste of yesteryear", compare a barbecue in your garden... with a burger or else !
• Sales Areas (SA) - Launch of the chain in France (1)
Simultaneous opening Sales Areas Bor in Paris with rapid growth in major French cities. Expansion with presence in some train stations and airports for visibility (*) and prestige. Quick Export the same year, of chaîne in Europe, including Eastern and Russia, America, Asia with China, country conducive to our products, Middle East, and Australia.

• Cost - Sale Price & Turnover
(Example products Bor made and sale in France)
Cost production: from 0.20 cents, to 1.20 €/ unit.
Sale Price: from 1.80, to 4.80 €/ unit.
Average consumption: 12.80 €/ person. (excluding drinks)
Cash Example: some points SG will in a short time, more than 1 M€/ month. (35.000€/ day)

Customers: All Bor products are extremely popular for all consumers across social, young, active, families, seniors, etc.
External Distribution: Following the launch, eight (8) products Bor will be present in supermarket shelves around the world.
Competition: No worldwide !

• SA "B.... originale" have four level of  Sales Areas:  SS,  MS,  LS,  GS.
-SS: Small structure, mainly for takeaway - an SA
(sales area), from 10 m²
(eg residential areas, universities, stations, motorway service stations, etc.).
-MS: Medium structure - SA from 50 m²
-LS: Large structure with several banks and processors - some background - SA from 100 m²  (2)
-GS: Great structure for strategic locations. (2)

(1) France the most visited country in the world with 84.7 million in 2021 (source: Le Figaro) and
       Paris is the first tourist city in the world, with 47 million tourists in 2021  (source: Le Monde)
(2) For structres LS and GS open 24h / 24, according to regulations of host countries.
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