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Partnership Cont@ct
• Layout
SA arrangement according to a prefabricated modular system in Europe, inexpensive. No heavy equipment. Minimal power consumption. Delay opening of the first SA: 10/14 months.

• Employees - Collaborators - Franchisees
The SA-SS requires 2 employees/day (every 8h), the MS  need 4 employees/day. In some lines, open 24h /24, according to the regulations. In Sales Areas, there is no preparation to do, just to serve, and nothing to throw. Operating costs minimal. All our employees, collaborators and franchisees, are trained by us. Regular and unannounced inspections in SA by as.

• Hygiene
Hygiene is our constant concern. Products complying with the regulations and our demanding charter, extremely severe in quality and hygiene standards. For chain Bor, outside the law, respect for the people is a fundamental and undeniable value.

• Security
Absolutely everything has been thought to
product safety, manufacturing to sales. Access control, logistics control, composition, production, storage, delivery security and obviously sale. All followed in real time with computer system ultra-secure network (VPN), our dedicated servers.

• Security - Transactions
Automated system boxes, closed-anti-robbery, also dedicated RPV network. No access to cash, even by staff. Surveillance cameras 24/24 in all SA. The world is far from perfect.

• Security - Rrotection ®
Bor is unique.
Everything was done in a multitude of areas, to make the inimitable chain and therefore very difficult to "copy". The compositions of our prosuits 100% natural, are classified secret. The sign "B.... originale" ®, words, designs, logos, pics, slogans, etc. like the majority of our products and their trade names are unique and deposited ®.
Bor is the first chain of this type, by definition, there is only one original, the "B.... originale"
• Communication
Explicit website on the origin and quality of products, detailed nutritional information, implementation and addresses of stores, live webcam showing views of preparation in a SA. Possibility for any consumer who wishes to
visit our production units. Transparency leads to trust. Application with geolocation of all the SA in the globe, for all smartphones OS.
"Contact" page for future
investors and franchisees.

• Advertising
A sign must constantly prove their attractiveness, so its usefulness and its difference. Us is different. The superior quality of our products, their incomparable taste, and word of mouth helps, demands of us, just a small advertising type "recall", radio, bus, press, etc.
example of our slogans: "Find... the m... C...transmitted to us, through...", "B.... originale, taste the difference"
An impact advertising campaign will be necessary before and during launch.

• Franchise
The franchise has a special place in the strategy Bor. A sign of quality, generating confidence, ensures rapid expansion, with a global impact and high import duties. Following launch, expansion and franchise chain in the shortest possible time (the same year), Europe, Eastern countries and Russia, and jointly quick export to America, Asia with China country conducive tin our products, Australia, Middle East and Maghreb. Success is always the result of a just reflection.

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