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Join the "B.... originale" in a “other fast-food industry” in a global sector in constant expansion,

sector that ensures
Return On Investment (ROI) over than 30 %

At Bor, there is no financial risk of any nature whatsoever.

In fast food, the crisis does not exist and will never exist.
In most countries of the world, consumer have almost no other alternative than fast food burger. For almost 40 years, always the same junk food products are "imposed" .

Whatever you buy, the taste is the same, ketchup and mustard mayonnaise together, or other mysterious additives, in order to restore some semblance of taste to an insignificant mixture. Artificial compositions 100 %.
Nobody likes, but consumers, worldwide, have no other choice.
Launch of the "B.... originale" singular chain
without equal, and without any competition, as opposed to "junk food"
on the  French - Europe - World  market.
"B.... originale"  a way of life with incomparable taste qualities

• B.... originale, is a unique chain of the natural products and innovative time with high added value.
Twenty five traditional products (except drinks) of exceptional quality, each with its own unique true taste, the authentic taste of yesteryear, 100% natural, no additives, no flavor enhancers, no dyes, no preservatives, non-existent in fast food, made by hundreds to consumers in a minute, to eat in or take away. An innovative business model in line with the trends of consumption in the contemporary world.

• B.... originale is a character chain, thought differently, without any report qualitative and gustatory with the universally existing chains, based on what is called commonly “junk food” Chain without any competition worldwide, far from copies and imitations, with a huge potential for growth, providing the ability to create progressively (own name and franchises), a network of over 30,000 shops worldwide, along with a presence in products on supermarket shelves around the world. 
Dear visitor, signs that have such a capability, world-all sectors, be counted on the fingers of one hand!

Bor is operational, ready to be launched.

• Crisis? It escapes any observer that the fast food industry, offers a great vitality, worldwide.
The fast food market is a crisis does not exist and will never exist, ever expanding sector, which is growing every year by 22% (Source Capital). In France, the 2017 sales represent 56% of total turnover of the restoration. (source Expansion). In fast food, there is no financial risk of any nature whatsoever.
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