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Partnership Cont@ct
Important in this presentation, limited for safety reasons, is to understand the enormous potential of the Bor chain, in a context of global development. Compared to last 40 years, the current synergy of globalization and open borders is a definite advantage for the implementation and dissemination of our products.

• "B....  originale" takes advantage of the originality and authenticity, the evolution of society, the ever-expanding "live" and "cheap" lifestyles and consumption patterns, the ever-increasing world population as well the globalization and opening of markets. Even the economic crisis is proving to be a positive factor in this area, not to mention that healthy eating is more than ever in the air ...

Our know-how since 40 years

• At Bor, we have the same force reflection and implementation of a chain with 18,000 chickens Sales Areas/world or hamburgers with 38,000 SA/world, or a sandwich with 37,000 SA/world, etc.. but...

"B.... originale" have more, the exponential power of his original and innovative products to the authentic taste of yesteryear, 100% natural with no additives, no flavorings, colorings, preservatives, prepared before the consumer, friendly products nature and peoples. Eternal question of... values.
• Funding
Bor is a chain with huge possibilities. An powerful system, once understood and properly launched its principles, will be able to overcome (gradually) some existing channels. At Bor, there is no financial risk of any nature whatsoever.
In fast food, the crisis does not exist and will never exist.

• Partnership
Bor is operational, ready to be launched. In order to a major development, a financial partnership is needed.
The basic cost of the launch in France
(a production unit and "X" sales area in Paris), is  € 12 million.
Participation: egalitarian or minority (minimum 2M€) preferably, in an active partnership.
The Return on Investment (ROI): is greater than 30 %.
Legal Registration: Bor will be registered in friendly country.

Bor is based in Paris - France, and is interested only by a partnership, Not by loan even 0 %.
Bor propose an active partnership. Alliance in which all the industrial phase and implementation, network incumbent as, while the financial component andthe  franchises will be the responsibility of the partner(s).
This type of partnership is, among others, a security commitment.

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     Best  Regards   

    Antoine B... - Paris.

For safety reasons, no sensitive data, may be disclosed by mail or phone.
     Bor chain can not be explained through a business plan or interpreted by a forward estimate.
     Interview, head-to-head privileged, for all presentation. Thank you for your understanding.
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